Urine Contamination Treatment

“Your Move-In, Move-Out and One-Shot Cleaning Specialists”

     Accidents happen!  After happening in the same areas time and time again, sometimes it is necessary to take care of the problem.  On carpet this can be as simple as just cleaning.  Our enzymatic formula attacks and digests the odor causing contaminate.

     In Basements or Garages our Treatment attacks the cause of the odor, leaving a pleasant clean smell.  Remember that not only the horizontal surfaces absorb the odor and contamination, this can be present on part or all of the walls too!

     On Wood Floors, a lot of times the contamination will seep between the top boards into the sub-flooring itself!  Flooring people will want to rip up the hardwood, replace the sub-floor and top boards, sand and refinish each area.  This is expensive!  Our Urine Contamination Treatment seeks out this contamination, neutralizes the odors and is safe for the hardwood finish; saving you thousands of Dollars.

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 Wall and Ceiling Washing

     Wall  and ceiling washing can be done sometimes in lieu of painting.  Sometimes walls and ceilings need to be washed before painting can even begin.  Fire damage always requires walls and ceilings to be washed prior to even the application of sealer!