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       Are your Wood Floors looking dull, dirty or scratched?    Has hardwood floor cleaning failed?  Are you asking  "How do you clean a Wood Floor in this condition"?  Well floor cleaning, and especially, cleaning wood floors is our specialty!  Why pay thousands of dollars to refinish wood floors when maybe all it needs is to be REJUVENATED (Cleaned and Polished)! 

       Hardwood flooring companies are going to tell you that "It needs to be refinished!"  Maybe it does, maybe it doesn't!  We are not going to recommend this process if we feel that the improvement value is not high enough to warrant our service.  We walk away from floors that need to be refinished, because we don't do that.  We also believe that we would rather have a happy customer rather than just pocket the money for our services; just call us Old-Fashioned.  Call Today to see if we can help YOU!


       We are "Your Hard Floor Surface Cleaning and Maintenance Specialists!" 


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       This is an ECONOMICALLY FRIENDLY process that removes ground in dirt and puts a nicer sheen to your floor than a hardwood floor polish.  Our hard wood floors cleaning process takes about 3 to 4 hours, and you can walk on your clean wood floors 4 hours later.  No need to stay with friends or relatives for days at a time (as with typical wood floor refinishing), no mess from the sanding (even dustless refinishing makes dust).  The finished service looks great, lasts for years and is compatible with all wood floor finishes.  Check out the rest of our web site for testimonials, more pictures and then call us TODAY!

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How we clean hardwood floors!