Wood Floor Polishing & Waxing (Rejuvenation)

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       Wood floor cleaning, hardwood floor cleaners, cleaning hardwood floors, cleaning wood flooring, polish wood floor, rejuvenate floor all mean one thing: my wood floors are not looking good, how do you clean wood floors?

       Our process of cleaning a wood floor, cleans deeper and leaves a shinier finish than the old processes of waxing wood floors or polishing wood floors.  Our proprietary formula of cleaning wood floors leaves your hardwood floor a lot cleaner than just buffing wood floors and prepares it for the restoring finish.  We call this restoring wood floors process, Rejuvenate!

       Our rejuvenation process will give you a better result than any wax or polish on the market.  Our sealer / finish, which is compatible with any floor finish, will leave an even sheen over your hardwood floors; available in high gloss and matte finish.  The high gloss is recommended for floors in pretty good shape; the matte finish is especially helpful at hiding scratches in older floors.

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     Although it is hard to see in these pictures, our rejuvenation process brings back the life to wood floors at pennies on the dollar when compared to refinishing.  Whether you want to spruce up your floor for a potential sale or your next party, D ‘n’ S Janitorial Services Company is the company to call!























Floor cleaning is another term in the question, how do you clean wood floors?  When it comes to cleaning wood floors great care must be taken to make sure you end up with clean wood floors.  If in the process of cleaning wood floors, you use the wrong wood floor cleaner than you could destroy your wood floors.  Hardwood flooring cleaning is a particular task that is best left to the professionals.  Wood flooring cleaning when not done properly will not make your wood floor clean; you will then be looking for wood floor refinishing.  How to clean a wood floor is dependent upon the contamination on the wood floor.  Hardwood floor cleaning is not that difficult for the professional.  Clean wood floors is the final product of hardwood floor cleaning and cleaning wood floors.  If you don't want to be looking up wood floor refinishing then leave your hardwood floor cleaning to a professional.  Wood floors cleaning or hardwood flooring cleaning can turn into a nightmare for the novice who is not familiar with cleaning wood floors.  Wood floor cleaner can be the wrong product for your floor again making you look up wood floor refinishing.  So for your question, how to clean wood floors, you should leave it up to the professional to do your hardwood floor cleaning with the proper wood floor cleaner so that your hardwood floor cleaning turns out to leave clean wood floors rather than leaving you wondering where to find information about wood floor refinishing.  So how do you clean wood floors; leave it up to the professional wood floor cleaner so that your floor cleaning leaves you with clean wood floors.