Whether you have a regular cleaning service or not, sometimes when a special occasion comes up and you look around your house, you see things that the house cleaners missed or that you don’t want other people entering your place to see.  From cobwebs to dust on the pictures, you want a little (or a lot) more than your getting now.

     D ‘n’ S Janitorial Services Company, a professional cleaning service, gives you that complete clean that your looking for and most other home cleaning services can’t deliver.  Either a complete clean from ceiling to floor or a detailed clean of certain areas.  We tailor our house cleaning to your specific needs.


     Houses sell faster and get more offers when its been professionally cleaned by D 'n' S Janitorial Services Co.  Our last housecleaning got its first offer within days of being put on the market.  Most of the houses we clean receive multiple offers within the first week!  There is a difference in houses and there is a difference in cleaning companies.  Find out why, call us today  Free Estimates!


              When it comes to house cleaning, Call the Professionals!

One Time / Regular Scheduled Cleaning

One Time Cleaning (Occupied)

Weekly, Biweekly or Monthly Cleaning (Occupied)

     If your looking for more than just surface cleaning  D ‘n’ S Janitorial Services Company gives you that complete clean that your looking for.  Our eye for detail cleans behind, under and around items that other cleaning companies clean just in front of.  Every employee has been personally trained or supervised by the owner to have that eye for detail that you demand. 

“Your Move-In, Move-Out and One-Shot Cleaning Specialists”

House cleaning; beforeHouse cleaning; after

If your house has overran you, D ‘n’ S Janitorial Services Co. can help you reclaim your space!

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