Move-In / Move-Out Cleaning (Vacant)

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“Your Move-In, Move-Out and One-Shot Cleaning Specialists”

If the picture above looks like your shower, you need the muscle of D ‘n’ S Janitorial Services Co. to make it look like the one on the right!

The Owner of this rental was going to replace this refrigerator; we asked him why not have us clean it instead. . . He was amazed!

     As you can see from these unedited before and after photos, D ‘n’ S Janitorial Services Co. can make most items almost ‘new’ looking.  Whether it’s a rental or your home, we provide the in depth cleaning that most other companies walk away from.

     Before you resign yourself to thinking that items need to be replaced, call us first; it might just need to be cleaned by the professionals at D ‘n’ S Janitorial Services Co!