This is the day you’ve waited for!  You’re moving into your first place or a place you’ve waited a long time to move into.  The moving company or your friends have moved your things and now its time for you to start putting stuff away.  You open up the cupboard and there are crumbs in it.  You pull open the drawers and there’s still unwanted junk from the previous occupant.

     We’ve all been there!  Obviously this place was not cleaned by D ‘n’ S Janitorial Services Company.  When a full service Move-In or Move-Out cleaning has been performed by D ‘n’ S Janitorial Services Company, you don’t need to find your cleaning bucket.  We guarantee that when you open those cupboard doors, all you have to do is put your things away.

     Moving is traumatic enough!  The joy of moving into a new place can quickly become a nightmare from the previous tenants / owners.


Why is it 2 similar houses, side by side, and one sells / rents and one sits.  Perhaps it is the detail cleaning that has been provided by D 'n' S Janitorial Services Co.  Sure it was 'cleaned' but for some reason it just sits.  People look at it, then go to the house next door and pretty soon the SOLD / RENTED sign is being nailed up on the other house.  In this market, you need the detail cleaning that D ‘n’ S Janitorial Services Co. can provide.


     Our full service cleaning includes, but is not limited to:


          STOVE:  Drip pans and underneath stove top, knobs pulled off and cleaned behind, chrome rings, front and both sides of fan hood and screen, Oven, oven racks and drawers and where possible underneath the stove itself!

          REFRIGERATOR:  Disassembled as much as possible to clean the inside sides and bottom, all drawers and shelves (including the sides you don’t see), top and both sides and underneath (if practical), freezer compartment and upper and lower door seals.

          CABINETS and DRAWERS:  Inside and outside, knobs and pulls.  If the fronts need oiled we can also do that.

          BATHROOMS:  Toilets, sinks, bathtubs, shower, drawers and stalls are sanitized and cleaned thoroughly.

          THROUGHOUT:  Light fixtures, baseboards, switch-plates, closet poles and shelves, interior windows, tracks and sills, doors, frames, floors and carpeting too.


Move-In / Move-Out Cleaning (Vacant)

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